Is It Possible That A Nipah Virus Infected Person Could Travel To Singapore?

A Nipah Virus infection is a type of illness caused by the Nipah Virus. Symptoms from this illness range from none to moderate fever, persistent cough, temporary blindness, headache, shortness of breathe, and sometimes confusion. A severe case can also cause death.

Nipah Virus

It is believed that the disease is spread through contact with bodily fluids, such as saliva, blood, or secretions. A Nipah Virus disease can be transmitted to humans through direct contact, such as through kissing, and through indirect contact, such as through indirect skin contact such as when a person shakes hands with a person who is sick. The disease has also been isolated from fruit bats. These fruit bats are not infected with the Nipah Virus but carry the disease.

A common way to transmit the disease is through sexual activity. This is one of the reasons why the disease is most commonly found in bats. However, there have been instances where mosquitoes, ticks, and other insects may also carry the disease. The incubation period for the illness can last from two to nine months, although the incubation period may vary between one to three years. Some people who are uninfected can still acquire the disease, as the illness is spread to others through indirect contact during the early stages of the illness.

The Nipah Virus is a retrovirally influenced disease. This means that the illness is passed on from the infecting agent to those who become infected. Since the disease is retrovirally affected, it is possible that an outbreak of the disease could occur following an outbreak of another disease. If this does happen, there is the possibility that all those exposed will acquire the disease, making the current treatment of Nipah Virus infections very difficult.

Like many acute illnesses, the incubation period of Nipah Virus infection is very short. Therefore, the chances of an outbreak is higher during the rainy seasons when the majority of cases occur. This is due to the wet environments which are usually conducive to the rapid spread of the virus among humans. During the dry seasons, the disease is inactive or does not spread beyond the few people who come into contact with the mosquitoes. If there were to be an outbreak of Nipah Virus in Malaysia, there is the possibility that the number of cases would greatly increase due to the increase of human traffic in the area.

Because the disease is active only during the wet months of the year, the number of people who can be infected would be quite a lot lower compared to the number of people who can become infected during the dry months. Therefore, preventing a Nipah Virus infected person from traveling to Singapore is quite simple. Most local mosquito control companies offer protection against mosquitoes and the like during the dry season months. These companies usually stock enough insecticides which they will use to eliminate any mosquitoes and bugs that might have been present on the infected individual’s body, thus preventing them from becoming symptomatic.